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Welcome to

Kidz Connection 

Daycare & Preschool

All of our staff is Boise City Licensed and CPR/First Aid Certified.

We are a Idaho STARS Provider


Transportation to local schools.

Hawthorne, Whitney, and Owyhee Elementary Schools

Kidz Connection offers several childcare opportunities to better serve the families in our community.

Kidz Connection offers an amazing learning environment for all ages. It is here that children can learn through the art of play and exploration at a level that best suits their needs.

All Meals Provided

We provide breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. You are welcome to pack a lunch as well. However, we provide nutritious meals and water and teach children the importance of healthy food.


Our Montessori style learning allows opportunity for the children to explore all areas of learning. They explore using their senses and practical life discoveries.


We have several shelves throughout the classroom that have various work trays for children to discover different work in different subjects of learning. Math, Language, Science, Sensory and Practical Life. These works are available all throughout the day.

Age Appropriate Toys

We have various toys throughout all of our classrooms that are appropriate to the classroom age groups. We offer toys that assist children in learning to explore make believe, real life and self discovery.

Hands-on experience

We offer an all around hands on learning experience, allowing children to explore learning in subjects they are interested in approaching at that given time. Using the Montessori style of learning, children learn through doing.

Professional staff

All of our staff our Boise City Licensed and CPR/First Aid Certified. We are a Idaho STARS Provider and all of our staff is continuously training to be the very best they can be.

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